Principles of A-Feeree

The seven (7) basic principles within  the Movement Aesthetic of A - Feeree as adapted from the original principles by Dr. Kariamu Welsh-Asante.

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Polyrhythm Is the concept that within movement there can be several rhythms happening at the same time.

Is the concept of dancing to all of the rhythms, filling all the time.

Is the reliance of symmetrical, proportional and profile oriented form. 

Relates to texture in movement…something extra but promotes collectiveness in terms of spirit and individuality in terms of artistry. 

Epic Memory
Contributes to the ideal in the African artistic expression “Perfection cannot be achieved unless the experience or memory senses is drawn upon.

Relates to the intensifying of a movement, sequence or the entire dance. 

Refers to community, where parts of a creation or individual/s are emphasized and accentuated but not beyond the whole.

© BaKari Ifasegun Lindsay 2013